Garett Froese


About Garett

Garett Froese grew up on a farm near Grandview Manitoba. After a few years of farming, he decided that he was more interested in the business end of farming than he was in trying to keep equipment running. Garett pursued his accounting education through the Certified General Accountant’s distance education program, and subsequently spent 6 years gaining valuable experience in two local accounting firms. He founded Froese & Company in 2006, earned his RPA in 2008, and has lived happily ever since!

Garett and his wife Del, along with their four children, decided in 2009 that life was too short to spend in one place and relocated to a small farm in the rolling hills near Meaford, Ontario. As a family, they have enjoyed running a small beef farm, and looking after the many aspects of keeping a successful small business running smoothly.

Besides enjoying time with his family, Garett has many interests outside of the office including travel, current affairs, and general aviation. He earned his Private Pilot’s License in 2016, and if you ask nicely, he’ll be delighted to show you the beautiful countryside from the skies.